Hair Bow Holder Tutorial


PInterest Crafts

Wish my sewing abilities we better, but theses will do just fine!

Salt Lake Ladies Trip!!!

We got tickets to the Relief Society General Meeting, so we went down early and spent the day together going to lunch, shopping, and the church history museum. It was tons of fun!

Price Family Cruise


This year we were able to take a vacation with Brandon family. We went to the west carribean, what a beautiful place it was. On Saturday, June 4th we met at the airport to fly to Florida, we landed about 8:00 our time and 10:00 there time. On Sunday we shuttled over to the cruise ship and got on board; we set sail about 4ish. Monday was a day at sea, which meant tanning, eating, sleeping, and playing games. Tuesday we ported in Cozmel, Mexico. We ended up taking a boat over to the mainland (Mexico) so that we could go to the Tulum ruins. Helman, our tour guide, was LDS and took us on a Book of Morman Tour. Wednseday we ported in Belize; wasn't much to do there pretty much fenced area so we shopped and got back on the ship. Thursday was Roatan, Honduras; We went to a couple of private beaches and did swimming, taning, snokeling. Friday we ported in Grand Cayman; We did snokeling and Stingray city. Yes I know me swimming with the stingrays. . .For about two minutes that was it. Saturday we had a day at sea and sunday we cam home. It was an amazing trip and we LOVED it.

Mother's Day Hike

So the day before mother's day I got to go on a hike!! We just went up to waterfall canyon.

Spring is in the AIR!

Spring is on its way and we are enjoying the fresh air!